E-Commerce Logistics Planner

Job description

ViaEurope means Technology combined with real Warehouses, clearing thousands of parcels each day - bringing products from all over the world to Europe!

ViaEurope is seeking an e-commerce Logistics Planner to accompany our operational growth. At ViaEurope, we truly believe that logistics planners are the master strategists of the shipping world. They are key to any successful logistic enterprise as they thrive on problem-solving and strategic thinking. We already have logistics experts in-house and for our growing operations, we are looking for another master of planning to join us. As a company that has reinvented the world of logistics using technology and onboarding AI solutions, we have great pride in our IT team and the sophisticated platform they have developed that supports us in our daily planning work.

What is the scope of your work? 

Our e-Hubs operate 24/7 and as an e-commerce Logistics Planner, you are responsible for organizing the inbound flows from arrival at airports, seaports, and freight train stations to our eHubs in Amsterdam, Liege, Budapest, and Frankfurt. As well as for planning the outbound flows from our eHubs to the final mile providers. As all processes in our eHubs are automatically processed and all groundwork and dispatch are completed by using automated infrastructures your work involves a combination of data analysis, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration to meet our customers’ requirements.


  • Take care of the daily In- and outbound planning based on expected volumes

  • Plan and prioritize all shipments while making sure all teams involved receive the right information to work efficiently

  • Have the optimal overview of the daily planning, solutions and decisions; detect obstacles in work processes; act upon immediate issues and provide advice for future improvements

  • Analyze our data to make the planning more predictable

  • Maintain KPI reports on the transit times and margins

  • Establish and maintain interpersonal relationships with trucking companies and all our final mile providers

  • Collaborate closely with the support team to ensure excellent customer satisfaction and clarity on the location of the parcels


You have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with others in a fast-paced international working environment. You have a positive personality, you are collegial, accurate, reliable and you can handle work pressure well. 

You also have:

  • High professional education in business administration and/or logistics
  • 3-4 years of relevant work experience in logistics (experience with air freight and/or truck planning is desirable)
  • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple processes, programs, and procedures while under pressure to meet deadlines, organizational goals, and initiatives
  • Excellent communication skills in English (and preferably in Dutch)
  • Great skills in analytical thinking, flexibility, sense of initiative, results-driven mindset, accountability, and a team player

How we plan our work together: 

Our Amsterdam e-hub is located near Schiphol (in Rozenburg) it is the heart of our operations, and it is a joined building with our business headquarters. While working hybrid, being close to Amsterdam is desirable, we are working onsite twice a week, (working fully remotely is not possible). As a planning team, we plan our shifts together. It's a full-time job, yet, your flexibility after standard office hours and on weekends is a necessity.

About ViaEurope

We work in English and we believe that concise and effective written and verbal communication affects the quality of our work and defines a successful team. Also, one of ViaEurope's core values is to develop ourselves. Your education or background is less important to us than your ability to take on a task and get it from concept to production. ViaEurope boasts an education budget for conferences and online learning materials, so don't worry, you'll keep learning!

About us

  • Scale-up mindset, and we are moving fast
  • We believe that technology drives our business
  • We care for work-life balance, we offer the flexibility to work from home while we work from the e-HUBs twice a week
  • Our team includes diverse experiences, backgrounds, and languages
  • Involvement: ability to participate in meetings, team building events, celebrations, and much more
  • Self-empowerment: we believe in people and therefore give space for own initiatives and self-development
  • Consistent efforts to onboard sustainable solutions and toward carbon neutrality

Interview process

  1. Get-to-know call with the hiring team
  2. Expertise and skills interview with the hiring manager
  3. Onsite meeting and practical case
  4. Final interview with the COO

Of course, we are very fast with our recruiting process, just like the efficient logistics operations we deliver.