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Senior Ruby Developer

  • Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Tech Team l Berlin

Job description

ViaEurope means: smart Web-Apps & APIs combined with real warehouses, taking care of customs clearance for thousands of parcels each day, bringing products from all over the world to Europe!

ViaEurope is an agile tech-driven e-logistics company enabling hundreds of clients from all over the world to ship their goods to Europe – in a simple, efficient and transparent way. Our software connects airports, harbors, warehouses, customs authorities and delivery services across Europe to turn the ultra-complex process of customs clearance into a matter of a few clicks. We’re excited about what we’ve achieved within a few years; we're not only proud that we can deliver a great product but also make a meaningful impact in our industry. Now we work towards our next level: new markets, new services, and huge opportunities. Let us build, scale, innovate together – and enjoy the journey.

About Our Stack - currently consists of a larger monolithic Ruby on Rails application (RoR, PostgreSQL, Redis, highly asynchronous workloads with Sidekiq), a NodeJS driven frontend application, a data warehouse on RDS PostgreSQL (with dbt as ETL pipeline and PowerBI as reporting tool) and a small number of additional PostgreSQL databases, tools and services in various other technologies.

The Role of the Senior Ruby Developer at ViaEurope:

We're looking for a Senior Ruby Developer to come and join our international IT team. Our engineers and product managers are always looking for ways to automate and optimize our parcel processing pipeline. Together with them, you will take responsibility for the complete delivery of a feature, from inception to deployment. We’re about delivering value to our users, not about closing tickets. Your insights and initiatives will be valued at every step.

How we work

  • We believe that technology drives our business;
  • Our stack includes monolithic Ruby on Rails (split by business domains), JavaScript (Svelte), PostgreSQL, all currently hosted on Heroku;
  • We practice Continuous Deployment and deploy ~15 ~ times per day
  • We practice Trunk-Based Development with lots of tests, supported by fully automated CI/CD

Job requirements

About you

  • You’re a software engineer with a deep understanding of software engineering practices;
  • You’re proficient with the set of sharp knives provided by Ruby on Rails;
  • You treat Git as a documentation tool, rather than a CMD+S with extra steps;
  • You are self-motivated and able to manage yourself and your own queue;
  • You are a problem solver with a passion for simple, clean and maintainable solutions;
  • You agree that concise and effective written and verbal communication is a must for a successful team (our office language is English);
  • You are able to maintain a minimum of 4 hours overlap with 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Berlin time.

About the day-to-day work:

  • Work with cross-functional teams to solve real-world problems;
  • Improve and maintain existing features, and decide when it's time to rewrite them;
  • Proactively improve the code quality to not let the codebase descend into legacy;
  • Have an active involvement in the design, implementation and maintenance of new features;

About ViaEurope

We work in English and strongly believe that clear and effective written and verbal communication enhances the quality of our work, shaping the foundation of a successful team. At ViaEurope, one of our fundamental values is continuous self-development and taking ownership. We prioritise diversity, encompassing varied backgrounds and experiences, fostering an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives and differences. To support our commitment to growth, ViaEurope provides an education budget for conferences and online learning materials, ensuring ongoing learning opportunities for all team members.

About us

  • We believe that connection improves collaboration, therefore we work hybrid with the flexibility to meet on-site
  • ViaEurope cares for your personal development and we have for you an education budget
  • Our team includes diverse backgrounds, experiences and languages
  • While we are passionate about our work, we care for work-life balance
  • Self-empowerment: we believe in people and therefore give space for own initiatives and self-development
  • Consistent efforts to onboard sustainable solutions and toward carbon neutrality

Benefits & Perks

  • Minimum vacation policy of at least 25 days of paid vacation plus national holidays
  • Home office setup budget; but you’re also welcome to work from our office in Berlin
  • Budget for learning materials, such as courses, books and conference

Interview process

1. Get-to-know call with our recruiting partner.

2. Expert interview with two of our senior engineers.
3. Technical challenge: you are free to choose any of the following options:

  • We'd be happy to read your open-source Ruby code if there's a project that you've been maintaining and you are proud to share it;

  • If you'd like to work on a home assignment on your own time, we'll send you an exercise;

  • If you'd like to do a live coding session, we'll do a live pair programming session

4. Final interviews and also meeting our Head of Engineering and/or CTO.

We are very fast with our recruiting process!