Technical Support Engineer

Job description

ViaEurope means: smart Web-Apps & APIs combined with real warehouses, taking care of customs clearance for thousands of parcels each day, bringing products from all over the world to Europe!

ViaEurope is an e-logistic company born and raised in Amsterdam. Although we have been in the business of technology and logistics for five years already, the company still operates and grows with a start-up mindset. Technology is at the very core of ViaEurope’s strategy which evolves in sync with our talented pool of engineers and developers based in the vibrant city of Berlin. The company processes more than 350 tons or over 300,000 e-commerce parcels each day, all supported by a well-maintained software infrastructure. Technology is also behind our connected warehouses or e-HUBs which are located at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Liege Airport in Belgium and Budapest in Hungary.

For our growing Support Team, we are looking for a Technical Support Engineer with a proven experience in Ruby to assist the team with their day-to-day use of the ViaEurope application. As a support team, we are responsible to ensure the smooth operation of the warehouses, which work upwards of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we organize shifts to be able to support them at all times.

Your teammates will rely on your flexibility and knowledge to help them navigate the intricate, ever-changing rules of the system and resolve the many edge cases occurring every day. You will also get a chance to work with a squad of highly skilled senior developers, and learn about system architecture, design patterns, query optimization, and more - all on a platform that's constantly updated to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Investigate, troubleshoot, and triage complex production software/application/service issues and fulfill business support service requests
  • Identify and escalate issues or root causes of systemic issues. Lead, facilitate, or participate in their resolution
  • Create/maintain comprehensive support and process documentation
  • Reproduce customer issues, isolate issues to their simplest reproducible case and report bugs to our developers
  • Answer questions about the product’s capabilities
  • Develop user-facing documentation
  • Assist with the many API integrations that are part of the system; check request logs and pinpoint problematic cases. 


  • Proven experience in Ruby (at least one year). 
  • Experience in technical support, preferably with ticketing, bug tracking, incident management, and/or issue escalation in a team environment. 
  • Experience in Scripting in at least one of Perl, Python, Shell, etc… (work will mostly be in Ruby and SQL)
  • Experience supporting web applications (Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Amazon S3, source control with Git)
  • Solid knowledge of SQL, specifically PostgreSQL
  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrated skill and passion for operational excellence; customer orientation and ability to solve escalated issues to the satisfaction of all parties involved
  • Exposure to working in an Agile environment
  • Excellent communicator in English wrapped in a friendly and positive attitude would be ideal

About ViaEurope

We work in English and we believe that concise and effective written and verbal communication affects the quality of our work and defines a successful team. Also, one of ViaEurope's core values is to develop ourselves. Your education or background is less important to us than your ability to take on a task and get it from concept to production. ViaEurope boasts an education budget for conferences and online learning materials, so don't question yourself too much, we got your back!

About us

  • We believe that technology drives our business;
  • Our stack includes monolithic Ruby on Rails (split by business domains), JavaScript (Svelte), PostgreSQL, all currently hosted on Heroku;
  • We practice Continuous Deployment and deploy ~15 ~ times per day
  • Our team includes a diverse cultural background, currently spread through 7 time zones.
  • While we are passionate about our work, we won’t go insane over arbitrary deadlines. We all have time outside of work to enjoy life’s other pleasures.

Benefits & Perks

  • Minimum vacation policy of at least 25 days of paid vacation plus national holidays
  • Home office setup budget; but you’re also welcome to work from our office in Berlin
  • Budget for learning materials, such as courses, books and conference

Interview process

1. Get-to-know call with our recruiting team
2. Expert interview with the hiring manager and another team member
3. Technical challenge: a short coding assignment where you work on a real task
4. Final interview with our Head of Engineering or CTO.

We are very fast with our recruiting process!